Concise Websites develop, manage and host websites for small businesses, community groups and charities.

Websites can be expensive to have designed and managed. At Concise Websites, we provide a concise service to meet the needs of small organisations. We take away the many responsibilities of running your own site, while providing a fast, clean and efficient website for you.

With a page design from £15 and annual management from £90, you can have the web presence you need.

Ruth Jordan
So many small company websites are neglected due to lack of training. By using Concise Websites, you know your website is designed by a web professional to meet your needs. You have the assurance that your website will be usable, compliant and accessible.
We host and manage your website for you so you don't have to worry about security, hosting, or renewing your domain name.
We update your site content for you so that no training is required for your staff.
We keep our process simple to keep costs low.
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